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Wealth calculator

Wealth calculator

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  1. *Annual enquiries and Admission Details
     A. Admission Enquires Details  Enter by Visitor  
     A.1  Per day student enquires visit to your Institute for  Counseling?   
     B. Admission per year you take in –   Auto Calculation
     B.1 Annual fees upto Rs. 30,000/-  No’s of Student  Total Business
     B.2 Annual fees upto 60,000/-   No’s of Student  Total Business
     B.3 Annual fees upto 80,000/-    No’s of Student  Total Business
     B.4 Annual fees upto 1,10000/-  No’s of Student  Total Business
     B.5 Annual fees upto 1,20000/-  No’s of Student  Total Business
     B.6  Total student & Business  No’s of Student  Total Business
   Annual Expenditure Head
     C.1  Office rent  in Rupees
     C.2  Electricity Bill and generator   in Rupees
     C.3  Telephone & Internet  in Rupees
     C.4  Local Conveyance  in Rupees
     C.5  Hardware Maintenance  in Rupees
     C.6  Staff Welfare  in Rupees
     C.7  News paper Ads Contributions  in Rupees
     C.8  Local Brand promotional & Activity  in Rupees
     C.9  Bank interest on Investments @ 12 %  yearly/12   in Rupees
     C.10 Depreciation of Investments  in Rupees
  Annual Employee Salary
     C.11  Counselor  in Rupees
     C.12  Faculty  in Rupees
     C.13  Lab Faculty  in Rupees
     C.14  Centre Manager  in Rupees
     C.15  Attendant  in Rupees
     C.16  Total :  in Rupees