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Courses Details

Advantage Of TPEC Course

Job oriented & latest technology courses.

Classes are conducted on 2 hours daily pattern.

Courses can be pursued along with other regular courses also.

Affordable fee structure.

Right to improve Rules

The TPEC Head Office reserves the right to add, delete, change, amend the syllabus, course structure, course fee, rules & regulations wherever considered necessary & appropriate without any prior notice.


The certificate to the pass-out candidates will be awarded by THE PINNACLE EDUCITY as per details are given below:-

% Of Marks Grade
Below 35% Attended
40% to 50% D=Satisfactory
50% to 60% C=Fair
60% to 70% B=Good
70% to 80% A=Very Good
80% to Above A+=Excellent


Examination for courses of long term will be conducted semester wise in a year i.e. July & January of every calendar year. Eligible students must give their admit cards to appear in the examination. The examination pattern will be provided to the students by the TPEC learning center. The Marks Card will be sent to the respective TPEC learning center. If a student fails to clear any of the papers, he/she has to re-appear for the relevant subject paper by applying to the TPEC Head Office through the re-sitting application along with relevant fee within the due date specified by the TPEC Head Office.

Honor of Diploma Certificate

All pass-out students of respective diploma/ PG diploma / certificate will be awarded by the TPEC Head Office. 75% lectures of the course is must be attended otherwise diploma certificate will not issue by TPEC Head Office. No examination is conducted & no gradation is done in Short term courses but the certificate of participation in the course is given.

Submission of Form

The seeking admissions are required to fill the attached form in the prospectus. The form must be complete in all aspects; incomplete form shall not be accepted.

Payment of Fee

Fee is payable in advance at the time of admission. The payment of fee is to be made in lump sum or under the prescribed installment scheme. Fee paid is neither refundable nor transferable either in full or in part for any reason what so ever. The course fee does not include the examination fee which the student will have to pay before the examination.


The Library is well equipped with course books & magazines. All students admitted will be entitled to use the library during office hours. If the students wish to take the books home than refundable deposit of Rs. 500/- is to be made by them. However the library fee will not be refundable to the students whose name have been struck off the rolls or have dropped out. In case of misuse or loss of a book then fine will be charged from student according to the extent of damage and the original cost of book.


1.   Fee is payable in advance for all courses. For specified courses, fee can be paid in lump sum or by installment scheme as specified. Fee paid is not refundable.
2.  Fee shall be payable for the period for which the student is absent/on leave from learning center.
3.  Fee shall be payable for the full session even if the student leaves the learning center prior to the expiry of full session.
4.  A student is not allowed to change the course.
5.  The TPEC will provide job assistance to the students on successful completion of the course but does not guarantee placement.
6.  The student will observe strict discipline and decorum in the Institute and in case of any indiscipline or misconduct, the student can be expelled without any notice. At the discretion of the director, such cases may be penalized.
7.  Every student seeking admission to the TPEC learning center course will register himself/herself with the respective TPEC. Only the original admission form as attached to the prospectus will be used.. Purchased of prospectus is compulsory. Registration fee is only Rs. 3000/-
8.  Registration number will be issued to each student. The registration number will be used in all correspondence.
9.  A duly registered student only, can appear for an examination.
10.  Student should always carry his/her registration identity card with him/her while attending the authorized learning center & the examination center during examinations.
11.  In case of loss registration/ identity card, a duplicate card can be obtained on payment of Rs. 500/-
12.  Registration card must be surrendered at the time of collection of examination certificate.
13.  The learning center is entitled to refuse admission to anyone.
14.  Corrections in registration card/admit card is Rs. 250/-
15.  Corrections in Mark Sheet is Rs. 1000/-
16.  Corrections in Certificate is Rs. 1000/-
17.  Every student will pay examination fees of Rs. 1500/3000/- per semester/Year to TPEC Head Office along with the examination form through the authorized learning center.
18.  Minimum Qualifying marks in each paper will be 35%
19.  Duplicate Certificate will be issued at fee of Rs. 2000/-
20.  Any Candidate can apply for retotaling of papers; the application for retotaling of papers will be made by a candidate within 10 days of the declaration of the results at a fee Rs. 500/- per paper.
21.  Our Courses are not affiliated to any university, nobody can claim against this matter & other matters.
22.  All the disputes relating to the TPEC programs and activities are subject to Mohali, India jurisdiction only.
23.  TPEC Head Office has fully rights to take a decision against for any TPEC learning center if Center Head not fulfill the rules & regulations.