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TPEC (THE PINNACLE EDUCITY) is commited towards society through spreading computer education. TPEC offers related IT Courses for increasing awareness. At the moment we have technology related courses only though we plan to expand our offered programmes at a later stage. We believe that TPEC courses will be fruitful all the students.

Professional Teachers

The teaching profession is the building block for all other professions. A teacher must pay attention when building the self esteem of each and every student, while transfering the knowledge and experience to the students.

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Gurukul Vatika

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TPEC ( The PINNACLE EDUCITY ) is commited towards society through spreading computer education. TPEC offers related IT courses for increasing awareness. TPEC offers related IT courses for increasing awareness.

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Amrit Raj Institute of Law

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Institute of Accounts Master

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Dhanushdhari Group

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Micro Finance Company

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There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate and advanced diplomas. Diplomas serve a multitude of purposes for different students: they are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study, or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. There are diplomas in a wide variety of subjects in Arts, Humanities, Business, Biological and Life Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Natural Sciences and even more.

Diploma In Information Technology

Information Technology & Co-op (Diploma). This program is designed for students pursuing a career in IT. The coursework gives students ...

Diploma In Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management is a 12/24 Months programme. Students are groomed to become future head executives of hotels and learn the art of carrying out their ....

Diploma In Business Management

The Online diploma in Business Administration course offers entry level professionals or mid-level professionals to gain knowledg ...

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The Best In Our Area


if you are interested to make your career in Computer Hardware course, than get in touch using the call or you can directly email us at info@tpecindia.com or use the phone numbers to contact us. Call Now 0172 - 5093370, 5094370, 5095370, 5096370 .

Computer Architecture & Networking

It's basically the physical and logical design which refers to the software, hardware, protocols and the media of transmission of data. Simply put, it refers to how computers are organized.

Diploma in Computer Networking

To earn a diploma in computer networking, students take courses such as computer programming, database management, network administration, and hardware installation and configuration

Diploma in Mobile & Telecommunication

Diploma in Telecommunication program is designed to provide the students with necessary skills which would equip them for employment with the network faults diagnosis.

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